• Super Simple S’mores for a Crowd!

    April 30, 2019Rose

    It is officially camping season!! Yay! I am in love with camping and of course every time we go camping we HAVE to have s’mores. I mean, who doesn’t have s’mores when they go camping? But I thought, how can you take s’mores, and make it easy for a crowd?? How can you make them…

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  • Jumbo M&M Cookies

    January 4, 2019Rose

    **WARNING: It is frowned upon to eat raw cookie dough** Does anyone else think the mini M&M’s taste SO much better than the regular? Why is that? Anyway, I am just IN LOVE with the pops of color in these cookies. As you can tell by my page design I love color and photography. These…

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